31 January 2013

Google Portugal supports DevFest

As everyone could expect, Google Portugal couldn't resist to be present at the event an support the amazing Portuguese Developers! 
Would you like to work at Google?

Keep posted for job listenings at

29 January 2013

Computer Society is on Google DevFest!

We are pleased to announced our second bronze sponsors, IEEE Computer Society!

IEEE Computer Society is a world reference for Computer Science research material, conferences, point of contact for experts, research resources and more! 

It reaches out to every Computer Science professional to enhance their skills and boost their careers!

If you are a Computer Scientist! Be sure to subscribe today!

Free DART ebook!

Do you speak Dart?

Dart brings structure to web app engineering with a new language, libraries, and tools.
It's a class-based, object-oriented language with lexical scoping, closures, and optional static typing.
Dart Editor and the SDK provide anintegrated development and debugging experience.
Can be compiled to JavaScript, so you can use it for web apps in all modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Want to know more? You can get free ebook!

4th Speaker of DevFest Portugal: Igor Soarez

Google Developer Group Portugal is proud to announce the fourth speaker of Google DevFest, Igor Soarez!

Igor is a web fanatic who dreams of a decentralized, community powered, fun-driven, machine supported, lock-free, kind of socialist future. He loves to learn, play and teach, and does not care for blue browsers. He formerly worked in the GIS team at Sapo, and is currently working at Rupeal as a web developer.

In Igor's workshop, we will learn about useful web development tools.

Check the full list of speakers here

22 January 2013

First Bronze Sponsor: Red Bull

We are proud to announce our first bronze sponsor: Red Bull! Keeping our participants awake for a 30h hackathon is not easy. We've teamed up with Red Bull so that you'll have enough energy to keep coding during the night.

Would you like to be our sponsor? Send us an email to GDG Portugal Team

20 January 2013

Calling all Google Enthusiasts!

Hi Google enthusiasts!!

We invite you to join the GDG list of members!

It's so simple to do!

Just go to:
And click "I'm a member"

If you don't see the "I'm a member" button, you just need to approve your gmail account to be a developer one!

Here is how to do it:

  1. Enter in https://developers.google.com/
  2. Sign-out (top right)
  3. Sign-in again (top right)
  4. A window will appear asking if you want to authorize this account to be a developer one, say yes
  5. Enter again at https://developers.google.com/groups/chapter/105135300456431065608/
  6. The "I'm a member" button should be there by now, just click it =)

3rd Speaker of Google DevFest!

Google Developer Group Portugal is proud to announce the third speaker of Google DevFest, Albuquerque Figueira!

Albuquerque Figueira has a Master of Science Degree on Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Science at the ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL).  
His dissertation is based on a dynamic tool for planning and simulation wireless networks, built from many Google products, services and APIs.
He is currently a researcher at the Instituto de TelecomunicaƧƵes (Institute of Telecommunications).

Albuquerque brings us everything about using Google Maps and Google Earth API in 3 amazing sessions!

17 January 2013

2nd Speaker of Google DevFest!

Google Developer Group Portugal is proud to announce the second speaker of Google DevFest, Seth Ladd!

Seth is a web engineer and Developer Advocate, helping developers of all sizes launch awesome modern web apps with Dart. He produced Aloha on Rails, the Hawaii Ruby on Rails and Web Development Conference, and New Game, the conference for HTML5 game developers. Seth authored Expert Spring MVC and Dart Up & Running.

Seth is the first speaker of our Track 2 with a fantastic workshop "Get your web app up & running with Dart"

Meet Seth here

10 January 2013

1st Speaker of Google DevFest!

Google Developer Group Portugal is proud to announce the first of a list of extraordinary speakers, Pedro Teixeira!

Pedro Teixeira

Pedro Teixeira is a engineer, programmer, an enthusiastic geek with open-source in his genes.

Author of the screencasts about Node.js at nodetuts.com, books such as “Hands-on Node.js” and “Professional Node.js” e some open-source modules for Node.js.
Pedro was one of the organizers of LxJS 2012, the first conference about JavaScript in Portugal.

He is also the co-founder of the company called "The Node Firm".

Pedro brings us two sessions:

How to Build a Web App with Node.js and Angular.js Part I
How to Build a Web App with Node.js and Angular.js Part II

05 January 2013

The GDG Portugal Team is proud to announce the first Google DevFest in Portugal!

A Google-sized 24 Hour Hackathon! with workshops, conferences, challenges and prizes! 

Consult all the information in the event Webpage or in the Google+ Event