21 January 2014

New year, new website!

Hello everyone!

Just to say that we've got a brand new website: http://gdg-lisbon.com/

Check it out!

08 March 2013

Great News: Apoide is Hiring

Dearest Developers, Aptoide Team was really happy to see all the code that you provided and your spirit of a true developer, so they are sending an invite to all of you, if you need an English version dont mind to ask.

Caro interessado e/ou participante da Google DevFest Portugal,

Como apoiante da iniciativa, a Aptoide gostaria de dar os parabéns à organização e a todos os participantes. interessaram pela mesma, quer tenham conseguido inscrever-se / participar ou não.

Na Aptoide, desenvolvemos um Marketplace de aplicações Android utilizado por 4 milhões de diferentes utilizadores por mês. A exigência do desafio obriga-nos a procurar as pessoas mais talentosas e com ambição.

Acreditamos que as melhores estão na comunidade GDG Portugal.

Assim, estando a recrutar para as posições abaixo, vamos dar prioridade a quem enviar o seu CV para "recruitment@aptoide.com" com "DevFest" no "subject:". É um fast-track do nosso processo de recrutamento.

Developer Java / Android (part-time ou full-time, Lisboa, conhecimentos: Programação Java, SDK Android)

Backend Engineer / SysAdm (part-time ou full-time, Lisboa, conhecimentos: SysAdm, Linux, Shell Script / Python / Perl / Ruby )

Boa sorte para todos,
Aptoide Team

03 March 2013

Need a Presence Certificate?

If you need any legal document proving that you were here with us during the event, please drop us a line: gdg-portugal-team@googlegroups.com

01 March 2013

Quick Tip: Ethernet cables for everyone

Get your Ethernet cable for a returnable fee of 2.5 euro, near anyone from organization.

Last minute Speaker on Google DevFest

Google Developer Group Portugal is proud to announce our last minute speaker, Manuel Salvaterra

Manuel Salvaterra completed a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's degree in Management Strategy. During his studies he had a variety of professional experiences at 3 different banks in the areas of Marketing, In-house Consulting and Financial Markets. After that he completed the CEMS MIM in Germany and Portugal, being elected the Head of Corporate Relations for the student's club where negotiated the collaboration agreement between NOVA SBE and Google, which ended by completing his master's thesis with the company on the topics of consumer engagement and sales strategy. Currently he works at Google's EU Headquarters in Dublin where he is the responsible for Chrome and Search support in Brazil, Portugal and all the other Portuguese speaking countries. In this role he manages all the product support and works with Engineers and Product Managers analyzing consumer data to make Google products better and better.

Manuel is going to talk about Googleyness!

28 February 2013

Navigator Sponsors your Offline Needs

We are proud to announce that Navigator knows that the best developers code and compile on paper, so they are sponsoring all of your paper needs for the whole event.

If you wish to present your final hack on paper, use the special Navigator paper solutions that we will be distributing durint the event.

26 February 2013

A special gift, MassBody and 4NTEP Sponsors Google Devfest

Since we know that software development is one of the stressful jobs, we have brought to you a special sponsor to make you a little more relaxed during the hackathon.

Introducing the finest massage schools in Lisbon area MassBody and 4NTEP. They will cover all your relaxation needs during the second day of the event.

Discover all information about their awesome massages on their websites: www.massbody.pt and www.4ntep.pt