05 February 2013

6th Speaker of DevFest Portugal: Andreia Gaita

Google Developer Group Portugal is proud to announce the sixth speaker of Google DevFest, Andreia Gaita!

Andreia Gaita is a member of the Mono project team, works at Unity and hails from the sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal. For the past 14 years she has been involved in the development of applications, services and libraries that deal with interoperability, cross-platform and the web.

For the last six she has been working on several different areas of the Mono project, from implementing Moonlight, Winforms and gluezilla to improving C++ support, embedding browser engines and bindings. The last year was spent doing Mono on the mobile, particularly Mono for Android, with OpenGL bindings, build systems and memory leak fixes sprinkled on top. Currently, she's moved to Unity and is busy working on game development, which will be the focus of her workshop.