19 February 2013

Caixa Mágica supports DevFest as a Gold Sponsor

We are pleasured to announce Caixa Mágica as Google Dev Fest Gold Sponsor!

One of the most prominent startups of ISCTE-IUL is Caixa Magica, which makes an awesome linux distro based on Ubuntu and which had another great software spinoff called Aptoide, which you can discover here.

They have agreed to sponsor our event, in which one of our main prizes will be given by them personally!

And it only gets better, they have arranged, not one, not two, but three workshops in the Android Development, Android User Interface and User Interaction and Growth Hacking in Android Space, by the following speakers.

"Aptoide: how to grow in the Android space"
Paulo Trezentos

"Simple and usable: User Interface and Interaction Design for Android"
Teresa Deus

"Designing for performance: the Aptoide Challenge"
Rui Mateus

Check the updated Schedule here!