23 February 2013

Google DevfestW

Our team believes in the diversity and inclusion for a creation of a more vibrant community. 

To focus on women inclusion is the first step in a larger effort to diversify the global Google Developer Community. 

So we here at GDG Portugal are also happy to announce that this DevFest will have its ambivalence in being a DevfestW also, specially during the next activities organized specifically by the women of our team.

Saturday, 2nd of March

  • 3PM - Guest Speakers and Participants Reception
  • 3PM - Presentation of GDGW, Women in Engineering and Portugal Girls Geek Dinner.
  • 4:30PM - Break
  • 5PM - Google Girls Photo Time
  • Rest of the event - Free time, participation in other activities.

Have a great time in a better company.