23 February 2013

We Want Hacks!

What you do in a Hackathon, hack right? We are looking forward to see what cames up from our 200 top developers, there will be lots of prizes, what is the judging criteria? Dazzle us! A lib, an App, a 'fart app', and hack, fun, talented, technical, show us something that will delight us and you can count on prizes! The only rule? You have to use technology Google related. At 18:00h Saturday, you will have the opportunity to present what you developed and convince the juri that you deserve to win!

Here are some ideas we tailored for you:

Speakers Ranking System based on Google+ Hashtags
Use Google+ API to develop a ranking system that everyone can share comments and rank a speaker using the talk Hashtag

Dev Reference Links
Create a web editable repo of reference links for devs, that can be tailored by everyone with ranking, tagging and most relevant

YT-NTE (Youtube - No Time to Explain)
Create a search mechanism where one can search for a feeling, object, action (laugh, table, sky) and say how much time he has to spend watching a video about or that makes the user feel like that

Remember you are free to create whatever you want!